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We are Self Inflating Balloons Manufacturer

High-quality self inflatable balloons only made by Ace Balloon. Custom printed your logo/design with small quantity. Quick delivery to all over the world. We provides high-quality customized services and mainly exported to Europe and USA. All balloons are manufactured in Taiwan.

Fast delivery to all over the world.

How It Works?
Using food grade baking soda powder and citric acid, the carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by acid-base neutralization. Uses special materials to increase the tightness and automatic process sealing film, so that the balloon is not easy to leak, not easy to break, high quality through SGS Certification. Customized double-sided printing technology, suitable for use as brand promotion, gifts, event marketing, advertising balloons.
How to Use? Squeeze the water bag inside the balloon and shake it for a few seconds

We provide customized design and shape of self inflatable balloons

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