• custom logo self inflating balloons, worldwide on-time delivery
  • We are the factory of self-inflating balloons, worldwide delivery
  • Easy to Use. Self-inflate!! Science fun for kids, no air or helium needed. 1. Hit the water bag. 2. Shake. 3. Inflated.

Custom Self Inflating Balloons with Your Logo

Worldwide On-Time Delivery

Clip the stick to hold the balloon

Before inflate

Hit the water bag to inflate the balloon

Hit the balloon

Shake it to inflate

Shake it




Our specialty self-inflating printed balloons are one of the finest and most cost effective advertising mediums you can use. This cutting edge technology gets attention, builds your brand, and drives home your message. Make our custom printed promotional balloons a regular part of your marketing and advertising effort.

Why this is awesome?

It's Novelty Promotional Balloons

  • Durable (100 lbs or 50 kgs) & long lasting (30+ days)
  • Press balloon to self-inflate!
  • Full color & double-sided printing
  • Worldwide on-time delivery
  • Food-grade soda powder and citric Acid reaction
  • Safety: SGS, EN-71 certified

How does it work?

It’s science! The mixing of food-grade baking soda powder and citric acid produces carbon dioxide (CO2) and inflates the balloon. Plus, the balloons are made of special materials to increase the durability.

Balloons are fully customizable with double-sided printing. They’re great for brand promotion, gifts, event marketing, trade show, advertising, and more!

Self Inflating Balloons Expert

These high-quality, self-inflating balloons are made only by Ace Balloon. We will custom print your balloon and deliver quickly all over the world via UPS. We offer different shapes at varying sizes: circle, flower, heart, or star from 8cm (3 in) up to 19 cm (7.5 in). You can even customize the stick or strings that attach to the balloon! Choose different colors and shapes to make your balloons perfect for any occasion. We export primarily to Europe and North America. All balloons are manufactured at our headquarters in Taiwan.

Incredible Durability (See video)

  • Latex-free balloons.
  • Contains foil inside layer by a special sealing process.
  • Under average stress, it can withstand pressure of about over 50 kg. (In most cases)
  • It can be maintained for more than 30 days in room temperature. (In most cases) It including airtight aluminum foil layer.

Self Inflating Promotional Balloons Custom Printed with Your Business Logo, Artwork, Text. Specialty Advertising Perfect for Holidays, Events, Sales.


  • Unique Self Inflating Balloons
  • Simply press to instantly inflate
  • Colorful custom printing on both sides with any artwork
  • Perfect for grand opening, sale, event, trade show
  • We make these for major brands to small businesses


  • UNIQUE SELF INFLATING Promotional Balloons get attention, build your brand, deliver your message, and help make the sale. This type of balloon is very rare in the US. Simply press and it instantly inflates. Your customers will be amazed. 500 balloon minimum order.
  • WE CUSTOM PRINT your logo, text, artwork, or image on the balloon. Our designs can be bold and plain or colorful and ornate. We print on both sides of the balloon. Get the look and message you want to promote your business, brand, or event.
  • PERFECT FOR DECORTIVE These are just right for grand openings, sales, trade shows, special events, holidays, and to add color to your business.
  • DURABLE, HIGH QUALITY foil mylar balloons with high tech digital printing on the outside for a very positive impression. These balloons hold up well, are puncture-resistant, and will stay inflated longer than others. Make these a regular part of your promotional presentation.
  • LOTS OF POPULAR COLORS to custom from. We don't just limit to black and red like other specialty printers. Our balloons can be colorful, often ornate, and always impressive. Use your imagination then let us make it a reality with high quality self-inflating balloons for memorable marketing and advertising.

Custom Self-inflating Balloons for Special Events