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Ace Balloon

Since 1985, Ace Balloon has been an international manufacturer of Self-Inflating Balloons. We provide high-quality customized services and export mainly to Europe and the USA. All balloons are manufactured in Taiwan.

Why Us?

  • We are the source manufacturer.
  • Unique factory & service in the world. (Only us)
  • High-tech printer + auto-machine = high quality durable balloons

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Interested in the Self-Inflating Balloons?

We would love to send you some samples of our custom printed self-inflating balloons. We are confident you will be happy with our high-quality balloon to represent your brand.

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When you contact us, provide the following specifications to begin your order:

  • Balloon Size - 7.5" or 6" (19cm or 15cm)
  • Quantity - minimum order quantity: 250 balloons
  • City/ZIP code

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