Self Inflating Balloon:Digital Printing vs Intaglio Printing

Digital Printing
Logo Balloon
Digital Printing
Colorable Balloon
Intaglio (printmaking) Printing LOGO Balloon
    Self Inflating LOGO Balloon
    Self Inflating Colorable Balloon
    Intaglio printing self inflating balloon
Surface Material
  • Matte
  • Matte (Colorable)
  • Glossy (foil, metallic)
Minimum Order (MOQ)
  • Start from 500 pieces
  • Start from 500 pieces
  • Start from 20000 pieces
  • Need additional plate fee
No. of Artworks
  • 500 pcs/artwork
  • 500 pcs/artwork
  • Total 2-4, need to discuss
Unit Price
  • Lower than the market price
  • Lower than the market price
  • Very lower than digital printing
Application Scenario
  • Suitable for any small and medium-sized marketing activities
  • Children's painting activities
  • Developed as your company's merchandise for retail
  • Large scale or long-term activities. Such as concert tour, long-term promotions

Self-inflating balloon vs Latex balloon

  • The chart below compares the two most commonly used balloons for advertising to help you decide which balloon is right for you.
  • Ace Balloon only manufactures the self-inflating balloon.
Self Inflating Balloon
Ace Balloon
Latex Balloon
  • 8cm, 11cm, 15cm, 19cm (before inflation)
  • Or, 3.1", 4.3", 6", 7.5" (inches)
  • 5", 10", 12", 24" (after inflation)
Printing Technology
  • Digital Printing
  • Full color double-side printing
  • No plate making fee
  • Screen printing
  • Includes plate making fee
Printing Range
  • Full layout, full color, including any complex background
  • Within a fixed range
Original Background
  • White
  • Custom printed any background color
  • Choose from provided background
Inflating Method
  • Press the water bag inside the balloon, shake it, and watch the balloon self-inflate in moments!
  • Food-grade baking soda and citric acid reaction to produce carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • Carbon dioxide is safe, non-toxic, odorless.
  • Cannot be filled with helium
  • Balloon cannot fly like a helium balloon because it is filled with carbon dioxide.
  • Inflate with electric air compressor
  • Must manually knot immediately once inflated
  • Can be filled with helium at increased cost
Assembly Method
  • Patented clipper – simple buckle
  • Before inflating, be sure to clamp first.
  • After inflating, pinch the mouthpiece and manually knot.
  • Or with a balloon stick, wrap the mouthpiece around the tray.
Inflatable Days
  • It can be maintained for more than 30 days in room temperature. (including airtight aluminum foil layer)
  • Do not place under the sun at high temperatures for an extended period of time as this will speed up the degassing rate of any balloon.
  • High-quality pure latex balloons can last for about 7-14 days at room temperature.
  • Generally low-cost non-pure latex balloons may only be 2-5 days.
  • If it is filled with helium, the floating time in the air can last for about 8-30 hours.
  • If the balloon is under the sun too long, it will break.
  • Can only be inflated once and cannot be reused.
  • Repeated filling of air after degassing
  • Contains foil inside layer by a special sealing process.
  • Under average stress, it can withstand pressure of about 50 kg.
  • Balloon can easily be broken by inadvertently touching sharp corners or squeezing, depending on the thickness of the balloon ordered.
Storage Method
  • When uninflated, the balloon can be stored for more than 3 years.
  • The balloon should be stored away from sunlight to avoid fading or damage from ultraviolet rays.
  • When sealed from moisture and away from sunlight, balloon can be stored for 2-3 years.
  • Prolonged exposure to air will oxidize. Seal properly to avoid exposure to moisture.
  • Low-concentration food grade citric acid (weak acid) and baking soda powder (weak base) are common elements in daily life, and changes in salt and water are produced after acid-base neutralization and dilution.
  • Although rare, if you accidentally puncture the balloon and contact the liquid in the ball, you only need to rinse it with plenty of water, it is safe, non-corrosive, and non-toxic.
  • No content inside the balloon.
  • If helium is used, it is safe and non-flammable, but excessive inhalation should be avoided.
  • High-quality made in Taiwan
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Mostly made in Mexico

Where can you ship?

  • We ship worldwide
  • North America: United States, Canada, Mexico
  • Europe: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Switzerland, Norway, Andorra, San Marino, Vatican City State (Holy See), United Kingdom, Greenland
  • Asia: Macau, Japan, South Korea, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
  • Not on the above list? Please contact us.

Do I have to pay any shipping fees?

  • Your company may be charged for handling fees and taxes as your order passes through customs such as the clearance fee.

Payment Terms

  1. 30% in advance
  2. 70% remaining balance before shipment

Payment Method

  1. Bank: Wire transfer (T/T)
  2. PayPal: needs additional overseas transaction fee 4.4%. See how PayPal protects buyers and sellers.

Pay the shipping fee to get FREE samples

  • We would love to send you some samples of the self-inflating balloons. We are confident that you will be happy with the best quality balloon to represent your brand. You only pay the shipping fee and we will ship it to your country/region. Please contact us!

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